Charging on the fly...


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1:14 PM
Jul 13, 2020
Anyone thinking or doing so as to charge your e bikes battery while driving from ride to ride?

I'm stepping up to attach a power inverter to my car. This way I can drive from ride to ride, and be charged up. I do have a spare battery already. I guess I'm looking to have fun working on another project, so this will come in handy for other applications like camping.

After this I would add solar for other devices I carry. While camping I could charge them also. Has anyone thought of using a hub generator? Is there one made for (boost 110mm) front hub application?

I'm looking to be self sufficient with many options without gaining tons of weight for bike packing, and camping stage races/rides I plan to do.

Just sharing some thoughts and conversational items with ya.
I have been needing to do this it just makes sense I travel a lot with me e bike I want to go ride a battery out , then be able to charge my battery as I drive to the next trail or go to lunch and have my bike charge at the same time . I talked to Chris at Hipower cycles about this you need a true sini wave inverter to do this a reg inverter will harm your charger. I plan to buy a popup camper out fit it with solar so I can camp right were I ride and do any charging I need and make lunch too! . You may also want to buy another battery the prices are coming down my first battery was over $800 Luna now sells them under $400 , using two will make both of them last longer . When I travel I always look for a motel were I can back up to my room door I always carry a extension cord a long one, and a short one with mutable plug ins to use in the room . I could start a thread just for info on traveling with your e bike .
Mod sine wave inverter works fine for my Luna charger.400 watt piece of crap Harbor Freight one no less. I only use the 3 amp setting (52 vdc battery). I ran a new line to my battery to handle amp draw, which will be more then a standard power outlet plug can handle. Around 20, the usual ones are only good for 10 or so.
Does your Luna charger have the 3 way switch with the LED volts display??? I bought a battery and charger from them for about half of what Hipower wanted , I dropped the charger breaking the 3 way switch called Luna he sent me a new charger free of charge I offered to send the old one back he said just keep it . Good ppl
The Mod sine wave will damage your changer , as soon as you can upgrade to a true sins wave e mail Lunna about it