Can you convert a a geared back wheel kit to a direct drive (gearless)?


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Mar 10, 2023
1000w kit off geared wheel to gear less,, …I have 1000w kit off a 1000w geared wheel, could I use this kit on a voilamart 1000 gearless wheel ? Would I have to change LCD all connectors are the same..
Please make an effort to speak understandable english.

There are geared Motors, and Direct-Drive Motors.

There are Front Wheels, with NO GEARS.

There are Rear Wheels, with GEARS.

Front and Rear are usually different sizes and are usually NOT Interchangeable.

The electronics, battery, and controls should all be the same.

Also, double posting is rude and obnoxious. Delete the other post.
Ffs…yeh think this was posted in Latin!…some of us are not that well educated in the workings of e-bikes, that’s were this forum helps…and the double post was by accident ( sorry sir , please don’t give me detention!) and your reply was about as helpful as piece of wet bog paper , in a bout of chronic f***in’s that for English ! X
You want to take the other components from a rear wheel kit and connect them to a front wheel kit.

That's how you ask the question.

Clean up your crap, and I'll tell you how to avoid the serious problem when you do this.
No…it’s from a geared back wheel kit, then putting that kit onto an another back wheel that is direct drive (gearless ) ..just going to clear my crap up now..heaven forbid I encounter serious problem!
Now you understand how to somewhat correctly identify your problem.
It is the MOTOR that is geared or DD, not the wheel.

You should just hook that right up and see if it works.