bosch cx update "Emtb"


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Jul 25, 2020
Im thinking of updating my bosch cx motor to the latest firmware which enables the "emtb" mode.

Ive installed the speedbox2. Any of you guys know if the tuning still will work?

Is there anyone else who has updated and and have speedbox2 who tryed this?
I have the same. Apparently the update converts the Sport mode to automatically give assist from 120 to 300 percent as the torque and cadence demand. I am 150 miles from a Bosch dealer that can do the update and am curious how well received the firmware update is.
Please tell me about the speedbox2.
Where did you get it, cost, how difficult to install, what did it do for your top speed, does the speedo still work accurately?
My closest Bosch dealer is 150 miles away to do the firmware update so let us know how you like it.
Seems like most of the responders on this forum have Levos
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I got it here in Sweden.. cost me like 110 $ ... got it installed by an cycle store ;)
ve reached like 50 km/h. but my legs is spinning so fast so .... :)

Im guessing it does give power infinitly. if that makes sense... if you change the gearing i guess it would reach much higher speeds..

speedo still is accurate. I like it alot. Its perfect to use on your way home when you just wanna get home quickly. 40 - 50 km/h is pretty fast :)

overall im very satisfied!
Looking at the speedbox 2 also. Says that will show accurate display in kmh only, not mph for us in the states. Not a deal breaker, but something to know before you buy.
And the argument that no one would ever illegally dongle their emtb again bites the dust.
Moto trails only
Closest Mtn bike only trails, 150 miles away
Pedal assisted Mtn bikes need to pedal like mad to keep up with a coasting non assisted Mtn bike at 30 mph
Battery depleted in 15 miles and with a dongle even sooner
Should I have a guilt trip riding with a Dongle?

Where do you suggest I order a Speedbox 2 ?

Any real world experience and results with placing a magnet on the crank and moving the sensor?
HR, the mod you mentioned worked with older Bosch systems (an acquaintance had a full suspension Felt that he claimed went 35 mph). However, I've heard that Bosch has modified the programming so you get an error on the display and the system shuts down now. However, I haven't verified the information.