Blix Vika+ Controller failure


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Jun 29, 2022
One of our two 2 year old Blix Vika+ folding eBikes experienced a Controller failure a few months ago when it hit a bump in the road. Initially I thought it might must be a loose or poor connection but re-seating all its connections failed to fix the problem. Having two Vika's I was able to swap their Controllers so I was able to establish we do have a problem Controller. I ordered a new Controller from Blix a couple of months ago but it seems they're having a problem filling the order, as I've been waiting a couple of months now, and the company says its still back-ordered. I'm curious anyone else has had a problem with their Blix eBike Controller, and if so, how did it take you to get your replacement? I'd also be interested in knowing if the Blix Vika+ has a generic Controller replacement?
It's unfortunate that the eBike Space still suffers from a entire lack of "Standardization" - where there are common "specs" on critical components like controllers - displays - motors.

Reddit posts from a yr ago mentioned Blix did not have replacement Vika controller available.

1. Some owners - who "politely asked" Customer Service for the "brand" - got the Part Manufacturer and that Manufacturers Part# so with some web work got correct replacement from AliExpress or Alibaba

2. Some owners whose Part has original manufacturers Part # Label - with web work using that Part # - were able to source correct replacement.

3. Some owner say "frack it" and order a Generic Controller - same spec - that has the same# of leads

Happy hunting !
There's certainly something wrong. I ordered a replacement Vika+ Controller last November. I received a response from Blix stating the Controller should ship in December. December and January came and went. I emailed them again and got a response basically saying when they receive my Controller, they'll ship it. Additional calls and emails haven't been answered. I hope I didn't make a mistake ordering from this company.
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Did you ever get your controller or figure out if there is an after market controller available? My buddy is in the same boat as you... faulty controller and Blix doesn't have it in stock.
Yes, Blix did finally send me a replacement Controller for my Vika+. I purchased the replacement Controller last November. Shortly after submitting my order I received an email from Blix saying the Controller was back ordered and further stating I should receive it in late December. December came and went and no Controller. Then I received another email stating a January delivery date, but that didn't happen either. The Controller finally did arrive in February, so an approximate 4 month wait. Evidently Blix must have changed to a newer Controller because my replacement Controller was labeled (if I remember correctly) 2018/2019 Controller. And no, after a fairly extensive search I was not able to find an after-market Controller which had the same number of in/out cables. I suggest your friend contact Blix for a replacement Controller. Although it did take a long time to get my replacement Controller, Blix was responsive to my emails.