Bafang Screen DCP18 cuts out


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Jun 7, 2023
Hello everyone,

I bought 4 months ago a BAFANG M620 motorized bike equipped with two 48V batteries on Alibaba. You can see the details of the bike here :

However, I'm experiencing a frustrating recurring problem with the screen, a DCP18 model. This is the second time it has stopped working, the last time being two months ago. The situation occurs when I'm using the accelerator handle only, I'm in full acceleration, I suddenly let go of the accelerator and the screen cuts out.
I've noticed that the engine starts up again if I hold down the start button while pressing the accelerator pedal, but the screen remains black and as soon as I let go of the start button nothing works.

It should be noted that the first time this problem occurred, I replaced the screen with a new one and everything returned to normal. However, I'm quite concerned about this problem recurring. I am therefore looking for suggestions for a more lasting solution, or perhaps recommendations for a specialist who could help me solve this problem, as I live in the north of France.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice!
Only a few options. Either you got TWO defective screens in row, OR some environmental condition, rain, bats, whatever, is causing failure, OR the controller, the only component connected to the display, has a defect.

If BOTH screens failed related to the throttle usage as described, should be good enough for warranty replacement of controller and screen, possibly throttle also, they are cheap. Controller sends output to the screen, only thing that does.
It's strange to have two defective screens in a row, especially when the screen breaks under the same conditions.

What does the controller on the bafang correspond to? I'm going to change the accelerator handle while replacing the screen. For the moment I've just made the electrical connections without reassembling the whole thing. As far as the warranty is concerned, it's going to be tough. I'm having a WhatsApp conversation with the seller and what seems to be the factory. He replies once every 4 days, in a frightening English even for a Frenchman like me.
The BBS series of middrives have the controller inside the motor, not sure with your model. What does the battery plug into.?

Does not seem likely that the throttle could be the issue, especially twice. BUT, they are very inexpensive to replace.

I do know that on the older drives the company would frequently make slight, but important, changes to the controller such that you need to record the part number directly off the one you have now to ensure EXACT, and compatible, replacement.