bafang bbs-hd 48v controller / firmware question


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10:08 AM
Sep 21, 2023
"Hello, I have a Bafang BBS-HD 48V 1000W motor. It was working properly, but then it started giving an error code 30h and didn't move. I found out that in this video, a person fixed this problem by installing new firmware, which I also did. However, I suspect that I may have done something wrong or made a mistake because both my motor and battery are 48V.

Then things got strange. I powered on the battery and started the motor, but the screen went black, and I heard an electrical sound from the controller, motor, or battery. It sounded like something had broken or burned. So, I'm thinking I may have burned my controller.

My question is, is the firmware installed in the controller? If I get a new controller, will that fix the issue? Because I can't even install new firmware anymore as nothing appears on my screen. So, is the firmware stored in the controller and not in the motor?

I followed this guide: