Battery wires ripped out! HELP!


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2:49 AM
May 19, 2022
I have a bafang internal framed battery that had the power button wires ripped out from the pcb. I'm not sure of the order or placement they need to be placed back in securely. Honestly, not even sure how to approach this problem. Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.

Here are some pictures!

I'm sorry I wasn't being helpful earlier. Looking at the pictures wires don't appear to be broken or cut and I see a connector with nothing connected to it, there's male end that should be there.
Make sure turn off battery before you start reconnecting things. Loose wires you can probably tuck them in neatly wherever they came out from.
No worries, I thought it was funny. There is no male connector and I believe the wires were ripped out of the board where there is glue
I think if you cleaned or removed the glue, which has to be done to reattach the wires, you will find a connector. Kinda hard to tell from the pics. I worked on a lot of industrial equipment that had connectors sealed like that due to the environment they were used in.