Battery Question - Changing Cells


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12:30 PM
Aug 15, 2020
This may be a dumb question, but is there any way to turn my 375 kwh battery into something with more capacity by changing the cells with something stronger. I assume my Focus internal battery has standard 18650 cells, I am wondering if there are differences in these cells that would allow me to swap out and get more range. Thanks!
Probably not yet, but the way battery tech is advancing, give it time. On my home built bike I use a spare back up battery if I feel the need for extra juice.
what is the MAH on the existing 18650 ?

you can change them to the max which is 3600mah rated 3540 nominal/actual
panasonic NCR18650G

however max capacity does not mean it will have the same discharge curve as a lower mah cell. typically the 3600 will run longer overall, but will appear to drop volts sooner than say a 2600mah ...the lower mah cells tend to run a more flat line in the middle of the lifetime and drivers are built for these....installing 3600 may make low battery indicator light up far before they are coming close to going low, due to that faster voltage drop in the first 1/3rd of runtime

it varies of course this is just general facts and concepts about high mah vs low mah 18650 liion, and replacing cells on a unit with a driver built for what you are replacing, not what you are replacing it with