Battery pack 18650 cells 2500mah 1c or 3c?


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Jul 7, 2022
Hi, I'm planning to build battery pack for I think 48v 1000w motor eventually 36v 350-500w motor. I'm doing my research for batteries. I get good price for 18650 1200mah 1C (max discharge current) batteries cells but this 1c is it enough for 36v 500w motor? I have 300 batteries to build battery pack. The battery pack will be big but I don't mind. Is it enough to power big motor for 20miles range? Eventually I can get 2500 mah 1c batteries or 3c batteries. I know that 3c is the recommended but maybe 1c and larger battery pack will power 36v 350-500w or even 48v 1000w.
1200 mah is total crap. 2500 mah is fairly low. C-rate is over-rated. Hi c-rate batteries do not tend to live as long. Lo c-rate equals long life, both in capability and usage.

Design the battery for your usage case to not require hi c-rates.

Unless your goal is higher performance and shorter usage life, I went the other way.