Bafang mid drive


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10:36 PM
Mar 3, 2021
250W with 480w battery two summers something like 800 km..
Very good for little 5-6 km...
Bigger ride only 30 km...
Don’t try any mountain! You will break your hall sensors due to big motor warmth! And not only the sensors will break down but all the grease in the rotors will liquefy and a lot of pleasure to open the motor case and care for the damages.
Plus the law...Helmet, no hand accelerator, in brief, where I live(switzerland) don’t mount yourself an ebike! Buy one and give your opinion here in two years! Thanks!
I haven't been to Switzerland, but I've seen the hills in the Austrian alps and those are big hills! Maybe a 500W Bafang kit would be better suited to mountainous regions?