Back rack and fenders on a Volt Bike Enduro?


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Mar 16, 2023
Morning My Name is Howard Turner from Ladysmith BC,
I was wondering if anyone has installed a back rack and fenders on a Volt Bike Enduro
These bike don't come with back rack or fenders. I also would like some ideas as to where I can purchase these ... any suggestions
Hi @Buddy151 Welcome to the forums :cool:

That's a pretty good lookin ebike. I'm not sure how a rack would fit onto that rear suspension but i'd bet it can be done :)
Well, a warm welcome and good day to you from the western North Carolina mtns ! Hope the wonderful BC weather is good today haha, pretty new here myself so happens that there's a good amount of very factual and helpful info-filled folks very willing to help a brother out also so happens that the first gentleman to assist me with some ebike brake upgrade stuff was none other than the man a few posts above himself ( or herself sorry don't like to assume lotta hardcore bike ladies around these parts gotta spread the love = p ) @HumanPerson good stuff my dude/ gal gotta give that credit for sure when its due may have a few more specific questions updated the ol thread but no more on that here as to not steal this fine BC branded gentleman's thread no jackin threads around these parts! Cheerz all and shoutout to the troll-free answers pretty refreshing AND I LOVE THAT ENDURO @Buddy151 i have a similar battery setup in my Freesky Himalaya e-bike (4in fatty tire 26in ) has a 15ah variant with Samsung sells of the same brand of actual battery (as a whole obv) but yeah its been great so far have yet to discharge it down passed like the 60 or so percent range have a rear hub 750 watts ( 1300 ish peak rolls out pretty good for the larger fattys and the weight me being 185 190 lbs and the bikes like 80 - 84 with gear mounts and all ) but yeah man thats an awesome looking mid-level single track or hybrid commuter with the trails on the off time love it!! MOAR PIX!
Thanks Guys/Gals
I was hoping for more detail.
I'll do some more research and if I find a solution I'll post it Oh I have looked at the seat post mounted fenders but would like to get a rear rack also most rear fenders are mounted to the rear rack