Advice on eMTB for Trail / All Mountain


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Nov 10, 2020
Hi there,
I am looking to get into the eMTB arena, and will appreciate to hear thought about the bikes out there. I will basically use to ride cross country, single track, technical terrain and get a little excited on descents, but no major drops or jumps. I am looking for a bike that will be comfortable and nimble, fun and agile. Thinking about Cannondale Cujo Neo 130 or Trek Powerfly FS5, any thought on those or other suggestions? Thanks!
Not sure the cost on those or your budget but I would check out the Giant Trance E+ series. Seems like good value for quality components as well as the Yamaha system.
If you consider Yamaha, you should check out Haibike, not a "name brand" in the USA but they should be.
I would look for a relatively short wheelbase if you have carvy twisty trails and want a relatively nimble bike. Short chainstays help with that. The two that come to mind are the Santa Cruz Heckler and the Pivot Shuttle. I have the latter. It is insane fun. I have tons of steep twisty trails and carvy forested trails I is perfect. My other bike is a Yeti 4.5 which is also great on those same trails but sometimes I have to pick lines on the really rocky fast twisty downhills. I always compare the wheelbase and the chainstays, and for climbing, I prefer the mini link suspensions.
I would look at the Giant Stance E+2 as a starting point. Nice bike for the money.