Niagra & Finger Lakes moderate (blue) mountain trails


Local time
2:41 PM
Aug 6, 2022
Erie, CO
Greetings. This year we're taking our RV/ebikes to NE; last several years touring NW for 2-3 months. Looking for suggestions for moderate (blue) single track or mountain bike trails around Niagra Falls and Finger Lakes or even scenic flat trails. I "try" to use TrailLinks; but, thought I'd ask actual users.

Probably looking at September unless good reason to go Aug or Oct; retired and very time flexible (notice I specifically said "time" flexible).

Also, if you have any suggestions for adventures/sites to see; please let me know; Niagra Falls top of list. From CO and traveled most western states but don't know squat about upper midwest and NE.

Thanks for any and all responses.
Upstate New Yorker here. The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is superior. It has better amenities in every category I can think of, except being in the USA. If you want the most colors of fall in the Finger Lakes, the 2nd or 3rd week of October would be about the best time. If you come earlier, you'll still see fall colors, there will just be more green. If its a cold fall it will step up these timelines a bit. I don't know much about the riding in the western side of the fingerlakes region, but if its anything like the eastern side you won't have to look far for some riding. New York has a ton of places to do things outside. I hope you enjoy your time here. It's not a rugged as you're used to seeing, but the ice age worked some magic on the land. If you can find yourself a good length section of the Erie Canal Trail near where you are, I highly recommend spending some time riding on it. Its one of my favorite places to ride in the fall. I know there are sections of it in the Buffalo area. The best parts are outside of the metropolitan areas. The trail passes through a lot of old towns. You'll see some good history.