1st Rides on Trek Rail5


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Aug 20, 2022

I recently purchased Trek Rail5 and I am really enjoying it. I have not been mountain biking in recent years because of age and issues that come with it. But Now.. Its awesome. I am able to get back into the woods in the Poconos where I live and it feels great. Today I was over in the Palmerton area near the nature center and rode up to where the old bridge was. Never did that before.. Was really great.

Bike rides amazing. I also have an Alant7 that I have been riding for a year or so and really enjoy that, but the Rail is crazy. I never knew what a drop post seat was :) I can see my self adding electronic shifting at some point, I did that on the Alant and its really cool.

I still cant get over how I can uphill the bike like I have never been able too. The Downhill ride is stable even at speed. I dont launch off things anymore but still like to ride technical single track and now I think I can do into my 70's .. (mid 50s now)

I am getting about ~25 miles out of it depending on how much up there is today it was around 800 ft and I rode about 18 miles and have about 10 miles left. I vary the setting a lot like Emtb mostly up, and then off or Eco down, eco or tour in the flats.

Anyway thought I would share this image.


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Congrats enjoy... a fellow Lehigh valley-er. It was great to discover ebiking after health issues. I rented one of like yours in Vermont, to compare to my BBS02... big difference what you have is an electric motorcycle that you move your legs while ridding, even in ECO. A BBS02 is a very adjustable assisted bike, try one if you can. I have been able to use it to get back to most of where I was before my health issues e.g being able to ride 15 miles without assist on trails to trails but its nice to know that I have the assist if I need it. Going to start working up to 40 mile rides.