A2B Rear Spindle / Hub Excessive Noise


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Nov 28, 2022
Hi all, I am new to this forum and I now have 2 A2B Obree bikes around 3/4 years old that I purchased second hand.

All was going well until yesterday.

I was going up long hills which were fairly steep. It was getting very hard to pedal so I stopped and when I restarted everything was good for 100/200 yards and then the same happened again. I had another break and everything was ok for 100 yards and then again and again the same thing happened.

Eventually I got to the top but the bike was making a rubbing noise like disc brakes rubbing or bearing rubbing.

On the way down things got very bad so I had to stop and I got someone to pick me and the bike up.

This morning I removed the brake pads but the rubbing noise was still there. I slackened both nuts on the rear spindle / rear wheel and the noise stopped while turning the wheels (bike upside down). When I retightened the nuts the noise came back so again I slightly slackened them and the noise disappeared.

Is it possible to grease the hub bearing and if so how ?

Good with cars but never really worked on cycles before.

Anyone any ideas ?


^^That bike?^^

Yeah mate, you'd have to remove the wheel and remove the bearings and replace and repack with grease...if it were me at this point,
i'd go ahead and get new bearings to install.
Hey good morning. I had a long night so i might not be here fully lol