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  1. Z

    A2B-Hybrid ultramotor ebike charger

    Hello group. I recently bought a A2B-Hybrid ultramotor ebike. The battery says that it needs a 36v 11.4 ah charger. Does anyone have one for cheap or know where I can get one?
  2. J

    A2B Velociti On/off button problem

    Hi, I have an A2B Velociti and I am having a problem with the bike battery On/off button. I usually go to turn the battery on by pushing the on/off button in and it stays in and the bike has power. Now when I do it the button pops right back out and I have no power to the bike. But when I hold...
  3. ebikesforum

    A2B Hybrid/24 Owner's Manual

    A2B Hybrid/24 Electric Bicycle Owner's Manual. Click the "Download" button on the top right of this page.
  4. T

    Purchased a 2nd hand A2B Hybrid... questions?

    Hello group. I need some info. I know nothing about ebikes. I bought this a2b hybrid and it has extra ultramotor battery. I see no where for a key. It didn't come with a charger. Do I need a battery charger for the battery in the bike? If so,where do you plug in charger? If I buy a 3 prong...
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    A2B Alva+ Electric Bicycle Review

    ebikesforum submitted a new resource: A2B Alva+ Electric BicycleReview - An evolution of the ever popular A2B Alva electric bicycle. Read more about this resource...