1. A

    Hi a have a a2b metro a am looking for the controllers wiring diagram...or a pic of a controller and its wiring. Thanx hope someone can help

    Hi a have a a2b metro...a am looking for the controller wiring diagram .or axpic of the controller and its wires thanx hope someone can help
  2. Kalandar

    A2B 24 Hybrid

    A2B 24 hybrid. All us in order except the LED dashboard Shows 20 with a ! and then it won’t run. 20 is not even in the manual. When I use the fib key several times it will start to work fine. Full power and charge. I think I need a new dashboard. Or is there something I can do to stop this...
  3. Richard Arme

    A2B e-bikes

    A2B e-bikes: Anyone know if this outfit is still trading. I’ve got a technical issue and need assistance to find a local repairer. Email address and contact number does not work?
  4. X

    A2b Rosenberg connection

    I need the PCB that connects by a double spade to Rosenberg magnetic connection to give me battery status on my Speedo display, anyone help?
  5. S

    A2B Obree Electric Bike Derailleur Hanger

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement derailleur hanger for my A2B Obree Electric bike. Please see pictures, Thanks
  6. S

    A2B Rear Spindle / Hub Excessive Noise

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and I now have 2 A2B Obree bikes around 3/4 years old that I purchased second hand. All was going well until yesterday. I was going up long hills which were fairly steep. It was getting very hard to peddle so I stopped and when I restarted everything was good for...
  7. A

    Ultra Motor A2B stopped. Recharged. No go

    HELP!!! Bought previously owned @ a charity auction $400. Prior owners were friends w manufacturer co or inventor of this bike. It was given 2 them 2 test ride. They said worked fine but no need for it & just gathering dust. Donated. Worked great on test drive. Bought. First ride out when it...
  8. M

    Ferber A2B cutting out after 15 minutes

    My 2017 Ferber A2B bike starts up fine but cuts out after about 15 minutes. It will boot up again OK but then cuts out again about 15 minutes later. The battery is fine and the wiring is OK too. Any ideas as to the problem and how to fix it ?
  9. Kenneth Couch

    A2b galvani parts bike for sale asking 1200 for this bike.

    The battery works and the bike is complete. I have been having problems with error codes. I am looking to sell this bike as a whole unit. It is a 2015 model that I cannot seem to get any bike shops to fix. I do have the key and the bike is in very good condition. If anyone is interested in...
  10. B

    A2B Kuo hub gears or possibly entire rear hub

    Hi Someone gave me a A2B Kuo. gears in the hub are nylon and stripped. I messaged England and got an answer that they don't have any as the model is discontinued. Guy suggested maybe south america. Anyone here have those gears, or an old hub from a Kuo (that's the folding A2B) that isn't toast...
  11. B

    New here - A2B Kua

    Hi Been riding for a lot of years. road and gravel bikes. somone gave me an old A2B Kua and looking for info on it. and parts.
  12. A

    A2B Galvani - help!

    Hi guys I need your help in getting my ebike back on the road....... My A2B Galvani battery (BMS card) has failed. The manufacturer/distributor is out of business....... I cannot get replacement parts If you have (or can direct me to) an A2B Galvani ebike battery that is or has been operating...
  13. Kalandar

    A2B E Bike Co.

    Hello. How to get in touch with A2B when they have gone out of business in Germany? I have some technical issues. Thank you
  14. Kalandar

    A2B 24 Hybrid not powering up

    Hello. I have a fairly new A2B. All was working well. One day I stopped for a photo. Powered off and ever since then she won’t light up. No power from my battery to the motor. No physical plugs damage. All cables tight. Battery is rebuilt since May. I’m down. Please help me get her going. Kind...
  15. A

    Alva+ A2b 2013 Wiring Diagram

    Hi I own an Alva+A2B 24" tire. 2013. Some of the rear wheel connector wires came off, i am looking for a wiring diagram for the connector. That is the wire coming off of the rear wheel. Some one came up with one but it was for a Velociti. Which is not the same wiring for an Alva+ the...
  16. S

    Where to get A2B Hybrid Replacement Spokes?

    hi forum, new guy here , just found this forum. im an A2B guy , just got one of these A2B hybrid (same as pictured) but 1 or 2 spokes need replacement, my local bike shop guy said id need a special spoke becos its the hub wheel where the motor is,, so it needs a certain style or size i guess...
  17. G

    A2B Obree Charger Repairs or replacement

    The charger for my A2B Obree electric bike has stopped working. I understand that A2B are no longer in business. Does anyone know where i can either get the charger repaired or buy a replacement? It would also be helpful to get design/technical details for the charger. My understanding is that...
  18. J

    A2B Velociti On/off button problem

    Hi, I have an A2B Velociti and I am having a problem with the bike battery On/off button. I usually go to turn the battery on by pushing the on/off button in and it stays in and the bike has power. Now when I do it the button pops right back out and I have no power to the bike. But when I hold...
  19. T

    Purchased a 2nd hand A2B Hybrid... questions?

    Hello group. I need some info. I know nothing about ebikes. I bought this a2b hybrid and it has extra ultramotor battery. I see no where for a key. It didn't come with a charger. Do I need a battery charger for the battery in the bike? If so,where do you plug in charger? If I buy a 3 prong...