2023-24 Honda CR-V checks out


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5:48 AM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
Ride1Up Portola + Lectric XP Lite just fit in the back with the rear seats up. The left seat (in front of the Portola) is vertical though.

There’s a huge difference between a 60 lb bike and a 45 lb bike in terms of lifting it into the back of an SUV.

My big Zeegr has trouble fitting in my Durango without removing the front wheel. It is a tall bike, and must be laid on it's side. The front wheel is powered, thus making removing it a greater pain. My wife's ACTBest folding step-through is a snap to slide into the rear seat (weight aside). I am hoping my incoming Motor Goat V3 (with it's smaller wheels) will fit vertically in the Durango. There is a large 100+ mile bicycle loop around Tucson that me and my wife want to visit. Being able to stack the bikes vertically in the back would be a great thing.

Seeing your image makes me a bit jealous with how compact your eBikes are.