Wondering how they will take this ?

Tomm Williams

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9:11 PM
Jun 16, 2023
Northern California
I’ve been wanting to do the Markleeville Death Ride for a couple years now but never made it happen. In their latest rules they state that Class 1 E Bikes are now allowed as it’s not considered a race.
I’ve contacted them about using my Pivot E Vault with the Fazua motor system which is Class 3 but I’ll be riding it without the motor so it really isn’t even an E Bike at that point. Or so I hope they agree………
I bet they will be OK, as long as you agree to keep it set to Class 1 or lower.
Sounds like you will have it set up as Class 0.
I think I'd show up with it registered as a regular bike. If any officials ask, you can show them that there's no battery in it or whatever. Since it's not a race, I can't see how they'd object to that.