Which Seat?

For what it's worth, I just ordered a Brooks B67 today. I have always used Brooks saddles (primarily B17 for road bikes) and found them very comfortable. I haven't even had to do much breaking in. However, they are expensive and not everybody's cup of tea. I'm hoping the B67 will be comfortable as well, and the leather will conform to my sit bones relatively quickly. Best of luck in your decision, SC!
This is my ass hatchet collection. They suck except the one on the right.
seat collection.jpg
BikNut, you must be riding in a fairly aggressive (leaned over) position. What is the model on the far right you give praise to?
They're calling it a womans saddle, but i would label it as unisex.
They're calling it a womans saddle, but i would label it as unisex.
That's exactly $100 cheaper than the Brooks B67 I bought on Amazon for $129. Brooks website is selling it for $170, $40 over Amazon.
Sorry I know this isn't helpful but bicycle seats are a very good reason for a recumbent. Especially trikes and for older riders. No sore bum, no numb wrists or aching neck.
For your style of eBike, (upright seating position) I recommend this one. I've bought two of them from Amazon so far:

That is not a light on the back, just a reflective tape strip, so don't base your decision on that.

I find on that seat, the foam has just the right consistency and the cutout in the middle keeps pressure off the prostate area.
I've had a couple Cloud 9s. They're often recommended and better than the cheap stock ones, but are not nearly as good as the "GREAN" one above, in my experience.

There are more than one model in the Cloud 9 range, so maybe I got an old cheap one, but I think they cost more than the GREAN anyway.