RadRover 6+


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Aug 8, 2023
Ponte Vedra Beach

I bought a RadRover 6+ about a month ago and I love it! I joined this forum to try to find a good toddler seat for my 3-year-old son. I see that people use the Thule Yepp Maxi but the max weight limit is 40 pounds and my son is already 40 pounds. Has anyone put a child seat on their RadRover 6+? I’m open to a seat on the back rack or right in front of me. Let me know what y’all have done!

I'm guessing you chose the regular High Step version, but I'll throw this out there in case anyone out there is thinking of installing a child seat on their Step Thru version. I started out by installing my cargo bag with a few spare parts, tools, etc. on my rear carrier, about 5 lbs. total. Stability seemed ok.

Then I got a spare battery and mounted it in a padded sling attached to the rear carrier, about 8 lbs. I quickly discovered the front wheel would now go into a near violent shimmy unless I gripped the handlebars tightly with both hands and kept my speed below 12 mph. I could also force this to happen with slight movement of the handlebars. Once it went into this frenzy, the only thing to do was quickly engaging both brakes.

Clearly weight distribution is very important on a Step Thru bike. I already had an empty carrier on my front, so I moved my rear bag and spare battery up there and now had much better stability. Then I adjusted my seat as far forward as it would go, maybe 2". No more shimmy issues. I ride probably 50% asphalt, 50% gravel/dirt.

BTW, I'm 77, 160 lbs., and 5' 9".