What happened to Eins.Bike Co. ???


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May 5, 2023
The 24" eBMX bike company. Did they flop and go under?

I remember considering them 2021, 2022 and 2023 I was talking to them trying to get them to give me a coupon code and they were trying to convince me to order without one.

Now their website https://eins.bike isn't up anymore and Google seems to say the owner went bankrupt.

Good thing I didn't bite into their sales pitch, it's seeming to be a lot of indiegogo startup's aren't fulfulling their promise.

Good thing I got me a SWFT eBike BMX off FBMP for $615
I don't know, but the last indiegogo update was in Aug. 2022 and there is no option to buy them from there:

They're sold out at beyondpev:

lifty still seems to have some, or they don't mention stock situation on their website:

It's a shame, as the Eins was a bit more elegant. It had a mid drive, for better balance in the air, and cleaner cable routing. It seems to be a lot more expensive though. Or maybe those were just prototypes that were shown?

Anyway, congratulations on the new SWFT! How is it working for you?
Their YouTube channel is taken down.

I don't use facebook or social media so I can't say anything about those sources.

No answer from emails and nothing recent by the company as for as business news goes.

It's weird but also really sad, not only that this keeps happening but that the bike had such potential and now nothing for a great deal of people who backed it.
Considering the price I paid for it, I can't complain. $615.00 off OfferUp.com from a seller in Kentucky, never used sealed in the box.

Although on pedal assist it's as if you're trying to ride in a wave pool of jell-o.

I added front brakes to help me stop faster, as with just only the rear disc brakes that it ships with going 20mph topped out and stopping you're still rolling 15 20 ft, now with the front brakes it's more like 5 to 10 ft stop. Upgraded the chain to a KMS Half-link chain, and damn what a difference maker that alone makes in torque even when you pedal as before with a full length chain. I upgraded the tires to a super thick vee tires and extra thick slim tubes.

I found a 20" mag hub motor front and rear wheel kit off eBay for around $385 altogether I might try to add to the bike.

I like it but I also don't like it.

It's got this auto adjusting cruise control to moderate the battery, the little front headlight was plastic and didn't last very long, so I'm going to rewire a bar rod headlight to that wire, the headlight was still working but the body just didn't hold up wheel.

I usually keep it at zero pedal assist when I ride or sometimes I'll ride a little while with it turned all the way off.

My log from google timeline, I got it in May
Months total riding distance
May 317miles
June 359miles
July 357miles
August 470miles
September 456miles
October 538miles