Voltbike Pulse or Moustache Samedi 27 xroad 1


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9:04 PM
May 15, 2022
Hi everyone. I’m quite new to ebikes. I haven’t ridden a bike properly for several years now and am keen to do so.
I will be riding on country lanes and tarmac /gravel paths with a bit around town. There will be some hills and I am quite unfit at the moment. I want an upright seating position due to back problems I’ve had in the past.
I’ve short listed my preferred models to either the Volt Pulse or Moustache Samedi xroad 27.1.
Before I delve deeper I would be interested in anybodys experience of either (or both). I like the Volt as it’s British but I am wondering if the mid motor on the Moustache may be better?
All thoughts and opinions of the options would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.