Trying to decide between an Aventon Level.2 Commuter, Aventon Adventure 2 fat tire and Mokwheel Basalt fat tire

We carry both Aventon and Mokwheel, so my opinion is unbiased...both fat bikes have proven to be solid performers and really great quality overall. If you want your bike to do everything, then get a fat tire eBike, otherwise you will not be happy when you try to ride your commuter style bike on the beach, for example. I personally have put a few thousand miles on the Aventure, and now have put at least 500 miles on the Basalt, and each bike has its strong and weak points. For example, my daily country road ride includes several steep paved hill climbs and descents at 40+ mph, and flat gravel rail trails, and run in PAS 5 most of the time. The Mokwheel has a 20% larger battery, and in my experience about a 20% greater range. I got 26 miles out of the Basalt today, with the last 4 miles on PAS1/2 just to be sure I got home. The range on the Aventure.1 was about 20 miles under the same conditions. I have not tested the Aventure.2 on this same ride, but based on other rides I have done with the bike, I think I could get over 30 miles out of the battery. The Mokwheel throttles to 30mph all day long, which is really nice to have available...why?, because speed is fun. The Aventure will do 28mpg, but only on PAS. The Aventon has a better display with % battery remaining vs. Mokwheel's vague battery life bars...we can put a man on the moon, so why can't Mokwheel display % battery, lol? Aventon also has an app that connects to the bike via bluetooth, which is nice to have. Again, each bike has its pro and cons, and that is why we carry both Brands and allow buyers to ride both to get expert advise to find their perfect ride.
The Mokwheel display IS in %. There are 10 bars=100%, 4 bars= 40%, etc.
Look at a Fahrbike or magicycle. Costs less, same features. Or spend your money.
The Fahrbike has stopped being "e". Looks as though the fuse in the battery has blown. No volts on the output side, yet battery is showing "Full" on the onboard battery gage and charges. Respectfully, no help needed or asked for at this point. I am just reporting what has happened since this initial post, to be fair.
The magicycle has 250 miles on it and still running.
The Fahrbike has 90.
Good Luck to All.
Just bought two level 2s. VERY happy..... so far. Our beach at low tide is pretty firm sand, so no issues with the 2.2 tires for us.
I have never gone higher than level 1 on the assist. Living in flat land, I doubt I will ever need anything more, unless I go to hill country somewhere.
The throttle is awesome as well.
I cannot contribute to battery life, my ass is way sore before I use up all the battery.
We also have 2 level 2's battery last about 50 miles on lowest level of assist I'm 160 pounds and I pulled a trailer with a 75 pound Doberman while my wife's will do about 70 miles since it just her