1. Mermcerv96

    Eugene Ebiker

    Hello hello hi! Excited to be a part of this community. My background is roadbiking and small maintenance tune up for such rides. I’ve also built my own road bike from bits and pieces! I’m now living outside of town in the country and settled on an Ebike for regular commute. I have a Mokwheel...
  2. J

    Mokwheel issue

    I have a basalt st. I'm having an issue changing pedal assist levels while riding. When the bike is stationary I can scroll the levels with the arrow keys no problem. When riding however I need to press the keys multiple times to change the level. I emailed tech support and they sent a new...
  3. J

    Mokwheel basalt st questions

    Ready to buy a mokwheel basalt st, but after trying to reach someone thru their "customer hotline", I'm not too sure about the reliability of this company. They have yet to return my calls. I just have a question about the bike color. On the web site, dark olive green looks more like lime...
  4. MassGuy

    Trying to decide between an Aventon Level.2 Commuter, Aventon Adventure 2 fat tire and Mokwheel Basalt fat tire

    I've been researching ebikes for days. Things that are important to me are range, speed and quality. Quality applies to all bikes. Range is more important than speed but I wouldn't mind having it all. I was originally going to go with the Aventon Level.2 Commuter. Seems like a great bike with a...
  5. artfull dodger

    Schwinn Coston Dx and Mokwheel Basalt opinions?

    Both are newer models with very little posted online that doesnt feel like its bought and paid for by the mfg. Looking for real world opinions. We do not need the offroad ablities of the Mokwheel, but the larger battery with name brand cells, larger hub motor and overall comfort is appealing...
  6. R

    Ebike for a person weighing 295 lbs - Mokwheel Tor Plus?

    Hi Folks, New here and wanted to see what everyone would recommend for a person weighing close to 300 lbs. Right now I am looking at a Mokwheel Tor Plus, Is anyone familiar with this model? I am a 63 year old, 5'11" old retired mountain biker...
  7. C

    What Ebike for under $2,000? Mokwheel or Magicycle

    Good morning. I am new to ebikes. I am looking for a starter bike under $2,000. I am 6’1” and weigh around 330. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes. Mokwheel or Magicycle. They both come in at the same price. I primarily getting this with the hopes of enjoying exercise and weight loss...