Schwinn Coston Dx and Mokwheel Basalt opinions?

artfull dodger

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3:11 PM
Jan 8, 2023
Both are newer models with very little posted online that doesnt feel like its bought and paid for by the mfg. Looking for real world opinions. We do not need the offroad ablities of the Mokwheel, but the larger battery with name brand cells, larger hub motor and overall comfort is appealing. Where we live is flat as a rock, trails are all paved rail/trails or neighborhood streets. I have started to lean toward the Mokwheel Basalt just for the range and greater power, along with smoother ride.
Late reply but I'm currently researching bikes and also leaning towards the Basalt. Range and power are important to me. I'm leaning a little more towards range. I like to ride and now have to worry about when I have to turn around so I have enough battery to get back to my starting point. I'd like to be able to get at least 50 miles out of a charge. This is a solid 28+ MPH bike so no problem with speed. Did you end up buying one and if so, what do you think?
We ended up getting a pair of Mokwheel fat tire Ebikes, just got them last week, was a snap to assemble. Today is the first nice day we have had weather wise, but I have to work manditory overtime this afternoon, so no chance yet to try them out. Very impressed with the build quality from what I have seen so far. Waiting on our big selection of free accessories to show up that was part of the spring sale they were having. While I am not thrilled about the credit card bill, the forced overtime will have them paid off before summer is over.
I have the bike in the cart, info is entered and one push away from it being ordered. I keep thinking "a little over $2000 for a bike". I think I'll be glad I bought it when I'm out exploring all of the bike paths in my area. Next thing will be a 1.25" hitch rack. The 4 bike Thule that I have won't like supporting this one.