thinner front tire


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Aug 13, 2022
I'm looking to replace my 20x4" fat tire with a thinner tire. I was looking at 20x3" as this seems to be option ( at ali-ex ) but not sure if someone has done a similar change? Prob don't want to go 16x3" as that would have to change the fork and make the bike sit lower in the front ?
I'm not sure why you would ever go to a 16" wheel when your running 20's. The 3" tire should be doable, though I would do both front & rear. Your rolling resistance will improve for sure. You didn't mention what your goals are, or the type of surface you generally ride on and what you use your bike for. Those are the things that will help with your decision on tires size and tread type. Good luck
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The bike is for casual street riding and my neighborhood doesn't have much hills so I was even thinking going belt drive single speed.
I feel like the 4" is too heavy and doesn't have the maneuverability.
I like the fat tire look in the back and the grip it offers, but don't think I need the same for the front.
I've got 3" tires on my bike....ride mostly streets and many hills.....ride is great.....also.....on occasion can still go over some gravel roads with no problem.
I agree with JerryB. It's still a fat bike, and I mean that in a non-judgmental way! :ROFLMAO: The smoother the tire at the higher end of the manufacturer's recommended PSI will roll with the least resistance and should handle nicely on the asphalt. Good luck & ride safe.