SW900 700c setting in P06


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Apr 13, 2021
Hi! My SW900 display got ruined after a heavy downpour. I ordered a new one through Amazon and installed it on my bike. I was able to input all the settings but I’m not sure if I put in the correct wheel size. I have a 700c wheel. There is no 700c option on the display. It goes from 12 to 50 and then starts over again at 12 after passing 50. The seller send me a copy of the parameters settings but it’s not helpful. Online and in YouTube I got answers saying anything from 27.5, 28, 29 and 70. Does anyone out there have the correct number that I should enter? I’m using 27.5 so that I can use the bike.
Ok. Thanks for the reply. I guess that I’ll change the settings to 28.5. I’ll take a manual measurement of the rim too. I’m assuming that the number to be entered is not of the diameter of the tire when on the rim. Correct?
Oops! I had a wrong. It is the measurement of the tire and not the rim so I measured the tire and it came to 28.5 inches. I selected 28.5 on the display.
I have a s830 LCD Control panel and use 24.5 for the P06 setting. This syncs up with the speed indicated on my Strava readout as well as the radar display signs that I encounter on the shoulder. Vendor said to use 29 for 700C rims, but that gave me a error reading of +5MPH.
I entered a much smaller wheel size than I actually have … I needed to so that my indicated speed matched my actual speed (as I read on my garmin).