Sun Valley E-Bike Mecca!


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Jul 19, 2020
I have lived in Idaho for a long time and mountain biked many miles of trails across the state and just got to thinking today that Sun Valley is the perfect place to take an E-Bike or to go there and rent one. Most of the trails in the Sun Valley area are open to motorcycles so this means also E-Bikes are allowed. Just wanted to post this in case someone is looking for an E-Bike destination. I have also highlighted some rides and there E-Bike status on my website. Plus you can rent a Specialized Turbo Levo in Ketchum for $80/day.

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Looks like a great ebike destination if you live in that are, thanks for sharing! You can always take your own van too, you don't need to hire from Wandervans but there's great info on their site about the ride.