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Sep 7, 2021
Hello all,
I recently acquired a like new Soul Stomper beach cruiser "Mad Jimi". Soul used to offer a conversion kit made by Bafang but they stopped offering it after they started making their own e bikes. I contacted BafangUSAdirect but they didn't really have a definite answer one way or another if any of the Bafang kits would work. Does anyone have any experience with the Soul bikes? Modern bicycles and e bikes in general are new to me although I am very mechanically capable of doing most anything once I have the proper parts and instructions. Thanks in advance, Brian in Arizona


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Soul makes the best looking fat bikes, IMHO, but I have never ridden one.
Measure the length of your bottom bracket, in mm, then find a Bafang kit made for it.
I have seen quite a few fat bikes with Bafang mid drives on other forums.
Thanks, after some research I figured out that in order to build the ebike I would be spending as much or more than a brand new Soul ebike costs and I wouldn't get the advantage of the hidden battery that Soul has for their ebikes. Soul sells their 1,000 watt Sonic Saber for $1,899. I found a blog by Karl Gesslein where he built a Soul Stomper ebike with a 3,000 watt Cyclone for about $1,300 without the battery but he could never get the PAS to work so he ended up putting a BBSHD on it. At this point I am going to keep the Soul as a pedal bike and look at other ebike options. It's a great bike to ride for a big guy and very comfortable.

It is not easy to find specs on the Soul website but I am pretty sure they still use Bafang on their bikes, however they have 3 models all the way up to $5K but the specs available on their site only refer to frame and accessories, not power or battery differences, if there are any. I would think for $5K you get more power and battery than with the entry level model.
I already had a soul stomper I put an e-bikling fatwheel on the front 1200watt works great