Sharing delight that cheap rack will work for my eBike!


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7:09 AM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
In another thread, I assumed that my Allen rack could not handle the weight of my eBike. It turns out that it can. It's rated for 70 lbs., with the load centered between the mounting points. So a 65 lb. bike with the battery removed, on the closer of the two points should be OK.

Here's the rack:

I just need to order a cross bar, as two of my bikes are step-through.

I'm posting this mainly because I'm betting some others here have discounted their cheaper bike racks for eBike usage.
Sometimes, it's not whether the rack itself is able to support the weight, but need to make sure the attachment points of the rack do not damage your car while carrying heavy load.

The metal hooks that secure the rack may be too small of a area to spread the weight when fully loaded.
When the hooks really dig into your car with extra weight, may cause unforeseen damage.
I just found out I have the older version of that rack, without the side straps. The bike is back-heavy, so it leans. It’s no good. I’m taking the acoustic bike tomorrow.

Daughter will still take the XP Lite.

Time to look at new rack options and maybe a trailer hitch.