Review of Himiway Cruiser after 140 Miles


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Mar 10, 2021

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Modifications: Honestly the fact that I watched countless YouTube videos about the Himiway Cruiser before purchasing it over the Rad Rover played a huge role in my decision making. First, I liked that one could remove the speed limiter which is the first thing I did on day one. Second, I liked that I could change the standard selects for power assist from 0-5 or 1-5 to 0-9. I think I did that on day two or three and I like knowing that at level 9 I am getting 99% boost from the assist. It also forces me to be conservative on the battery by staying in the 4-6 range while pedaling.

Distance: Another huge factor in my decision making on this bike to use from my house to my office was the range I could get using the 17.5 aH Samsung battery. Been very pleased to say I’ve ridden the bike on all sorts of terrain (asphalt, dirt, gravel and sand) and up and down some hills. On one ride I logged over 29.5 miles and when I got to the house the battery showed I had 50% remaining. Could I have gone 60 miles? Doubt it based on the hills of North County San Diego but just as the speed tests on YouTube show that the Himiway Cruiser is faster than the Rad Rover which also has a 14.4 aH battery and a 750w rear Hub motor my guess is that you could take both bikes with riders the same height and weight and run a closed circuit to prove the Himiway can go longer.

Value: For the money on fat tire eBikes I can say the Himiway Cruiser has been worth every penny. I bought mine for $1449 with free shipping and no tax using the $50 promo code HIMIWAY at the beginning of March 2021. I understand Himiway just raised the price to $1599 no doubt due to the new tariffs imposed. The fact that the rear rack, fenders and lights were all part of the base price was attractive to me. Above $1599 and there are other eBikes worth considering.

Communication: In all fairness if you email the team at Himiway they will respond however the majority of reps I have exchanged dialogue with proved what we already knew. English is not their primary language. That being said their written English is far better than my Mandarin.
Be patient, be direct and they will make things right.

Service: If you are a bike owner who is savvy mechanically then the Himiway Cruiser is ideal. I have made very little adjustments since assembling the bike. I did have a material defect issue on the left crank which you can read about but I was able to locally source a Suntour 170mm black left crank, get a $21 PayPal refund from Himiway and received replacement parts as well. Again, don’t expect a Himiway van to pull up to your house and fix your bike. If you desire a higher level of service Rad Power clearly has the advantage. That being said more and more your local bike shops can handle repairs and Rad Power or Himiway are likely to cover it during the warranty period.

Warranty: The Himiway Cruiser has a 2 year warranty vs the Rad Rover which is 1 year. That again is a huge advantage when you think of the Hub motor, battery and controller.

Accessories: I’d say Rad Rover has a better selection of accessories on their site however for the most part the accessories would work on either bike. Want to know what I’ve put on my Himiway Cruiser? Simply ask or search the threads. I can fit my 13” MacBook Air in my pannier which is ideal as I ride to work.

Overall: The Himiway Cruiser rocks!
Spring has sprung in SW Washington State. Went out for a ride to our local (in town lake) round trip up and down or local hills for 10 miles. Here are some images I took while down by the lake.

While out I also had opportunity to do a high speed run saw nearly 31 MPH on flat ground 7th gear PAS level 7 of 9. I feel could have gone faster but ran out of pedal speed. I'm seriously thinking about a gear change on the front sprocket wheel.




Sounds awesome! Glad to see you’re enjoying the bike as it sure is fun. Just clicked over 360 miles on mine yesterday.