Rattan LM750 Harness Failure


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Aug 2, 2022
Hey all, anyone familiar with the Rattan LM750 wiring harness? I had a failure that caused the screen to flicker and battery level drop to zero. Had to pedal that heavy sucker home for miles in the heat! I notified the company of the problem and have a case started but communication has been terrible with them. They can’t provide me a wiring diagram and take days to respond.

I started looking into the problem and realized that if I pinched the main wiring harness, where the main line meets the brakes, display and throttle, the screen lit up and the bike worked. It was clear that there was a loose connection in there so I decided to try and rewire it- I am an electrician so I thought I’d be able to figure the color coding by continuity testing the harness. Long story short, I cannot.

I have 10 wires in my main line - red black green blue yellow purple grey brown pink white

5 wires on my display- red black green blue yellow

3 wires on throttle- red black green

2 wires on brakes- red black

2 wires front light- red black


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Man I feel you. Mine worked all of 3 miles and all I get from Rattan is the sound of crickets