Racing e-bikes?


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Jul 13, 2020
Legitimate question here.

I read a thing about demo'ing an e-bike at Sea Otter, and wondered: How long before races start rolling out an e-bike class?

What do you think? With bikes like Specialized rolling out the e-turbo Levo, and others in the works/soon to follow, I think the assumption that only fat old people will ride e-bikes is ludicrous.
So, when that happens, will there be a sect of serious riders that want to race them?

I'm not much in favor of e-bikes, but there's enough hate threads already so lets keep this thread to mature, rational discussion if we can. If you want to bash them, choose one of those other threads, please.
I am sure there will be some kinda of E bike racing against other E bikes , as more and more ppl discover the fun of them .
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If y'all don't know, there is an e-MTB race at Sea Otter. Open to 500 entries.
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Yes I know but its in Calif like every thing is what we need is a Natl E bike ride in or festival .
I'd like to see high powered electric BMX bikes doing flips and tricks while getting big air in the X-Games....... I also think electric trials could be cool: you could hold events indoors, maybe at a big mall during Xmas. Imagine a course climbing over cars, park benches, etc.