Powabyke wheel is squealing...


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9:18 PM
Jul 8, 2018
My Powabyke is wheel squealing and I have to dismantle it. Is anyone else having this problem? I would be grateful of any advice. Thanks.
I can only think the bearings have gone. Is there any side to side play on the axle? You can get parts for the Powabyke electric bike so you should be OK. I was considering the Powabyke folder recently but ended up with a folder at a fraction of the cost. I hope you have had the bike some time before this problem...
thanks for reply. Have had the bike now 17 months. The wheel is ok and I think it is most likely something around the motor. I have driven it hard from the first day and the batteries are still fine. I also have a " Star and Moon" electric bike and that is a real good one. It has just about everything built in and quite fast. Half the price of "Powabyke"
From what you said about the noise - it's around the motor - the motor is inside the hub so I would take it apart quick because anything loose inside the hub could finish the whole lot off and would be costly. I must admit, I am interested to see inside my hub motor just to see the build quality - I may take it apart just to see... Hope you can sort it o.k. and that it don't cost you to much.