One gear on cassette slipping, others are fine


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1:11 PM
Jul 24, 2023
Hi all, I've recently fitted a BBSHD to my road bike. Everything is working fine but for some reason the third from highest gear slips. As far as I understand, individual cassette sprockets cannot move independently unless there is damage to the cassette body splines or the cassette itself but I can't see any. Could it be the offending sprocket is damaged? Again, I can't see any damage and both the chain and cassette are new and have barely been used (a few miles). Suggestions or advice gratefully received! Thanks
Sounds like you might just have a defective cassette. If you still have the old cassette I would try that or buy another new one and try that. If it fixes the problem return the defective one if you just bought it recently.
I would say more likely Defective jockey wheels on the derailer that just happened to be a factor in that cog. Look for shark tooth wear on the cog and try small adjustments on the rear derailer. .Tighten and loosen and see if that makes any difference. Spray wd40 on the derailleur to check for a hangup at that cog.