Pedal assist response time.


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Jan 18, 2024
Balgowlah,New South Wales, Australia
How to make BBSHD more responsive to the start and stop of pedal assist?
I pedal and it takes a bit of time to engage,and once going and I stop pedaling it feels like an eternity before PA disengages.
Does anyone know how I can achieve a more responsive PA time?
While I have no knowledge or interest in altering any settings of my BBSHD I do know how to alleviate your problems having used my mine for over 8 years now. As for starting I'm going to assume your BBSHD is like mine with a throttle, when I'm in the woods a light touch on the throttle gets you started immediately so you don't notice any lag when you start pedaling.
The lag when stopping does feel like an eternity, especially if like me you are in the woods coming up on a tight turn. Even though it is actually a very short time like a fraction of a second. So one way to counteract that is to apply a light touch to either brake lever, the rear for me seems the safest bet. By a light touch I mean not enough to engage the brake, just by moving the brake lever a little bit the power to the motor is instantly cut off.
It's a common complaint for cadence sensor-equipped bikes and hugh's answer is on-point.

There are usually enough magnets in the sensors that it could detect your pedaling (not pedaling) it immediately, but that would be a safety hazard elsewhere. For instance: you are at a stoplight and you bump a pedal, then the bike launches you right into cross traffic.