Optimum ebike Battery on Ebay


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Jun 21, 2018
Hi Guys,

18 months ago I ordered a LiFePo4 36v from ebay. It was half the price of many others and a third the price of Ping. It has been excellent, used every day. I was going to order a spare but the (third party) seller had only tried it as an experiment and had a lot of trouble with delayed delivery, etc., and decided not to continue.

For example, the keys for my battery ended up in Canada and I had the Canuck's keys. When we exchanged I received only 1 key because he'd broken the other trying to get it to fit. I managed to get his to fit by altering the lock levers themselves so he received two good keys. I could not get the correct blanks in the UK to make new keys so I just reset the lock back to default and I just use one key.

Anyway, the point being, as well as the so-called quality manufacturers, there are equally good batteries available out there if you don't mind waiting a while for delivery and accepting the odd surmountable problem. I don't know who made mine as there is no manufacturer name on it, just a label with Optimum Battery and the spec.
Optimum Batteries IS a manufacturer. I should have googled before I posted. Recommended!