New Orleans- anyone riding there?

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Jun 10, 2023
April of 2024 we have a trip planned to New Orleans to meet with family, DW's moms 85th b-day. Of course this all weather permitting.

Has anyone done any riding there and can you recommend a trail to ride?
We will be staying at the New Orleans RV Resort and Marina, could we ride from there to the French Quarter or other trails?

I would prefer to ride the ebike than uber.

Thanks. I will check it out. I did find a multi use trail close to the campground.
I'm also hoping to find a good route to the French Quarter, my truck is usually to big for parking garages and most on street parking .
I checked your search great ideas
Battery, didn't see this post before for some reason. On our 2 1/2 month RV (5th wheel with truck) tour with ebikes through the SE last October we spent two weeks at the Bayou Segnette State Park; basically, located across the river SW from the Airport and ebiked the Mississippi River Trail. It's over 20 miles and sometime disjointed so our traveling buddies hauled us and bikes 20 mile out west and we rode back; mostly on top of a levee so a good view of the River and it's happenings. We drove to Algiers Point and took the ferry downtown so we didn't have to finding parking for our truck and the trail also continues through that area. Easiest to use Google Earth or equivalent and zoom in and you'll see the trail adjacent to the Mississippi. What we rode was all good paved trail-double width for passing bikes and walkers. Other than that trail we rock out of the RV Park and around the local shops etc. BTW, Bayou Segnette was a good park, lots of room but as most state parks; requires sewer tote.
Thanks for the info! We are still a few months from going, we will be going with family so I might get them to drop us off someplace.
So we did about 20 miles the other day, rode along Lake Pontchartrain and then around the city park.
It's always nice when you can ride from the campsite to the trail. Have to watch out for bumps in the road, the streets are really bad in some places.