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Feb 3, 2024
S.E. Michigan
Greetings, I'm Liam, I'm from S.E. Michigan. I'm building my first ebike kit. All seems well with the kit, except I ordered one without a P A S system. My bad. It's an AW brand bought from Amazon, supplier is . It is a 1K watt rear motor. My donor bike is an old steel Huffy mtb. I changed the BB to an English cartridge type and put a cheap suspension fork on it, so I can have at least one disc brake. I could use some advice on what parts to buy to put a PAS on this build. I changed this bike from a 3 x 6 to a 1 x 6 years ago, so I think I'll just swap out the 7 speed freewheel set that is on the new wheel.
Is it a front or rear kit? What size is the rim? That's going to be helpful information.
it is a rear 1000w 26" rim, it came with a 1.75" tire (I plan on using 2" Serfas drifters). I attempted to install my American to euro bottom bracket adapter, but the cups are extremely loose. I probably will need to go back to the original ashtabula one piece crank. I am concerned that any PAS system will not work on the one piece crank. I can't find an example anywhere of someone doing it. I can probably work something out. I have a background in industrial materials and processes.
My kit has no display or assist level control mechanism. The processor is identified as : LY-48V1000W P-19EBE-000002 . It is an 'AW' brand. Probably not enough info about it to say what it is capable of.