New here. Howdy... considering an all-terrain electric bike


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Feb 20, 2022
Snuff Gully, Texas
Hello everyone. Considering buying an all-terrain electric bike. Weighing one against a Honda Trail125. I am close to retirement and my wife passed away in late December, so I am on my own now and can now take guy-type adventure vacations. I'd trade everything to have her back, everything, but I am accepting my situation and am going to make the most of the time I have left on this good earth.

I've been outfitting a Tacoma for backwoods adventure for a couple of years. It is time to consider a 2-wheeler to get me farther back in there than the Tacoma can go. I've been camping for more than 50 years, enjoy stealth-camping in my hammock and hiking in as far back in there as possible. If you don't challenge yourself and get the crap scared out of you a couple of times a day, then what kind of pansy-azzed stories are you going to have to tell the grandkids around the campfire?

Mainly looking for a high-quality folding all-terrain bike to carry on the front of the Tacoma. (The rear bumper will have two swing-aways that are already fully provisioned.) Please point me in the right direction. I am going to research this purchase well and make a well-considered, informed decision: If I don't it's going to be a long walk out...
Hi Ray, Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your wife passing away.

I would go for an ebike over a dirt bike. You could easily set up a solar panel and/or battery system to charge your ebike while you're relaxing at camp. That way you could ride around a without worrying about running out of petrol for the dirt bike. Imagine camping within ebike range of a town and you could easily ebike into town from your camp to get supplies. Just a thought!

Hopefully someone else here can help you with some suggestions for an all-terrain folding ebike.