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Mar 17, 2023
Hi -- just got an ebike (Senada Archon Pro). Long time cyclist -- Schwinn StingRay received for X-Mas, 1964 :) Road cycling for 5 decades and MTB for about 2. Live on the Oregon Coast.

My short-term goal is to ride logging roads into the Coast Range, and maybe get a little fishing done. Also, build my endurance back up -- been slacking here in the rainy NorthWest.

My long-term goal is to do some ebike-touring, say an e-bike tour of Yellowstone. Dream ambition would be to do some long distance touring. Is the Baja Divide route even possible for an old guy on an ebike? I'd certainly need a solar charger for such expeditions. I'm really curious what the 'outer limits' of such touring would be for me.

I recognize that the Senada isn't the ultimate touring machine I might take on extended journeys. But it seems 'good enough' to get started, figure out what kit I'll need, and get comfortable riding such a machine -- rides really differently than my MTB or road bikes.

Also wondering about panniers vs a trailer. Seems like a trailer could work for Yellowstone, but unlikely for something rougher. But is it even possible to load up a bike without a trailer with enough kit to support long (say 2 week) tours? Especially since the Baja tour would need to carry 10 - 20 lbs of water, along with everything else.

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