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Oct 8, 2022
I'm looking to build my second ebike. My first one is a '80s Specialized Rockhopper with a Voilamart 1000w Front Wheel with a 48V 13ah Battery. I put it together 5 years ago and it has been a pretty decent ride. A little squirelly at times and I have to keep both hands on the bars, which is a hassle.

I just picked up a 2009 Trek Navigator 2.0 (barely ridden) and am considering a mid motor conversion, but the price is a little high. I am also considering a rear wheel conversion, less expensive. I've watched a lot of vids about Mid vs. Wheel Hub, but not sure what would suite this type of bike best. I basically commute 15 miles a day on pretty flat ground. Any advice or input is much appreciated. Cheers.
Hi and Welcome :)

Well, if i were living in Florida again i'd probably go with a Hub drive 1500w system with a 52v 45ah battery.

Try the Voilamart 1500w rear wheel kit, here, i'll link you to a couple ebay things that may help ya.

My first 1500w voilamart kit was from the vendor above^^^^
(Get the one with the LCD should be an SW900 display/meter)

And here is a battery:|tkp:Bk9SR5TEscv3YA

I've used this vendor^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ for 3 battery purchases so far on bikes i've built and complaints so far.

Good Luck and keep us posted on your build :)
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