Modified rear rack


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4:58 AM
Oct 22, 2023
Southern Arizona
I wanted to use saddlebags on my bike for the commute into work.
However, the bags purchased tended to curl up in the back and make contact with the wheels/spokes when the bike was leaning.

I modified my rack by welding a horizontal bar towards the bottom of the supports to keep the saddlebags out of the wheels.
A bar was mocked up, cut to length (for both sides), MIG welded to the existing supports, and then the welded areas were painted black.

I now have no problem with my saddlebags making contact with the wheel or spokes.
I was concerned they would eventually get rolled under between the frame and the wheels, so this modification was needed for safety.

Pictures below:
1. Was the unmodified factory rack.
2. Is a mock up, trying to calculate ideal length of horizontal bar. I ended up welding the bar on the outside for better clearance with the wheel.
3. The finished job without the saddlebag blocking the view of it.
4. The well supported saddlebag, resting against the updated rear rack.

1 original rack old reflectors.jpg
2 mock up for dimensions.jpg
3 after fabrication.jpg
4 saddlebags installed supported at bottom.jpg