Mahle x20 System experience


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Jul 12, 2023
I bought a BMC Roadmachine with the X20 system in October last year and have since ridden some 6000 kms on it. When I got it the motor was very quiet and the motor cutting in and out at 25 kph was almost unnoticeable. Now the motor has a very obvious whine to it and the cutting in and out is quite audible. Has anybody had the same sort of experience? I contacted Mahle to ask if they had anybody in the UK who was trained up in their systems but all they could do was refer me to the dealer. Dealers have access to a dealer app to help them diagnose faults but the app won’t help with the issues I have and the dealer had no particular experience of them. I think the lack of qualified representation in the UK is particularly poor. I’ve no idea what to do next. I guess I’ll just have to suffer the issues I have! Or is all this quite normal?
I cannot answer your question, I ride X35, but you are not the first person to report issues with X20. A couple of purchasers reported problems with (they thought) torque sensors. I am on a couple of forums so it may not have been here.
Just wondering if you got the issue resolved since July 2023 was a long time to be without a functioning bike, especially at that price!
I did. I contacted Mahle direct and in the end they wanted a video with sound of the noise. They agreed it was too noisy and sent me a new motor which I had fitted in the UK. A very satisfactory outcome. EXCEPT the new motor which is now nine months old and has done about 5000 kms is equally noisy! Only yesterday I sent a new video recording to them and I’m waiting for a response.