Looking for a bit more power on an ADD Motors ebike...

air horn man

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Oct 20, 2023
Looking for a bit more power after replacing all of ADD Motors electronics. I've got a 12 volt headlight a dual trumpet air horn

Was that bike painted like that from the factory? Or was that some custom paint work? It's a sharp bike!! Yeah maybe when I get to retirement age, I think I might be able to permanently reside in Telluride.
Factory paint job from Add motorbikes but the light and Horn switch which is bafang plug and Play but Add Motor switched up the plugs so I had to replace all the electronics to get the horn and light switch to work plus adding a voltage reducer and two solid state relays to run the light and Horn on the voltage reducer
I have a bufang speed controller 1500 w with the screw on motor connector which I cut off and soldered the original plug from the Add Motor speed control. I fried the second one just like this trying to hook up the USB cord. I'm pretty sure I connected it and turn the battery on in the right order. The first one I fried was getting the horn hooked up!! So I looked at the Amazon site in the comments and the seller said this electronic speed control was not programmable. I'd really like to find preferably with buffet connectors a programmable speed control. I guess my question is is it true that bufang has a non-programmable speed control model ? I would like to try the USB thing again but I can't even find the original speed controllers I bought a year ago so I'm kind of afraid to reprogram it because I'll be out of fun transportation