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Jul 28, 2022
Ipswich UK
This is my introduction, it will tell you everything about me that is relevant for you to know on this site. Do repost this if you ;like becasue I don't know which forum it should be on. I have a Battribike Granite less than 5 years old. I got it for £800 from Davy Brothers in Ipswich UK who had the Battribike franchise at that time. They had taken off £200 from the original price because the Battribike Granite was the last regulator pedelec permitted before UK law banned them The current franchisee is Elmy Cycles in Ipswich. The bike stood for two year after I had a heart operation, but it was in a brick built shed with a concrete floor and the bike remains in good condition. The battery, however, was flat and unchargeable. I sent it to Motor Savers in Corby and they recelled it for £330. What a trusting fool I have been.
Then I took the bike to Elmy's who tightened all the screws and tested the bike and I gave them £40. When I first tried it on Tuesday 21st July, however, the computer screen showed ERROR 24 and pushing the regulator lever forward did not apply motor power to the back wheel. I took it back to Elmy's but they could not find anything wrong, although the ERROR 24 showed briefly. When I got it back I tried the bike again and again got no motive power. ERROR 24 according to Battribike when I phoned them on the Wednesday, means a failure between the regulator and the electric motor. They no longer carry spare parts and cannot help me. They will not advise me on how to get it fixed or help in any way. They seemed eager to end the call. It was my fault for having an illegal bike, they implied.
So now I have 2 questions: 1) does anyone know, please, if this issue CAN be fixed and 2) is it worth struggling to find someone to do the work? Maybe it would be sensible to just throw the bike away and incur no more costs. Anyone have a an idea, please?
Finally, after the way they have treated me this time, on what basis would I or anyone else trust Battribike in the future?