How long do NiMH batteries last?


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Aug 16, 2018
What is the lifespan of a NiMH battery pack on an ebike? How many charge / discharge cycels are people getting out of their ebike batteries?
The NiMH Battery on my Giant Twist is still going strong after nearly 2.5 years and regular use. Those bikes are sometimes available secondhand for as low as £300 ~ £400 if you know the right places to look and as long as you have someone knowledgeable check it out, I know which purchase would entail lower risk, less hassle and best reliability, even with a 12 month warranty on a 'budget priced' new bike!
I bought my first Powabyke in 2000 I traded it in later for a Shopper. I am on a limited budget, at my age there are holidays & presents for grandchildren to pay for. If you need to commute to work it may benefit you to spend a bit extra. Eight years on lead acid battery's is quite a good advert for them so I will stay using them.