Raleigh - battery lifespan


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May 22, 2023
Hi All,
I hope you are doing well.
I can see a used ebike for sale. It's Raleigh Array. I think it was sold in 2018.
From what I see it hasn't been used much over the years.
What is the lifespan of these batteries? I reckon it was kept in a shed or garage. I reckon storage can have impact on the battery lifespan.
Do you know if Raleigh is battery replacement friendly brand?
On their website they suggest buying a new bike if a user thinks about replacing the battery.
From what I can see it's a 300Wh battery.
Thank you
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any official support for the batteries used in discontinued Raleigh products.
Might be too late to reply. Just found and joined the forum.

My own experience is 60% after 5 years.

owned a Raleigh array from 2018. Front hub motor. Did 5,000 plus miles commuting fully laden and errands till 2023. I commute 150m elevation over the north downs.

so new battery in 2018 did 3 days of 25km round trip heavily loaded.
after leaving the battery mounted in the shed on a Cold winter. Now does the same trip 25km almost making 2 days.

Worth knowing, I’ve since changed bikes as the cadence sensor became faulty and no local bike shops would support the old discontinued technology.
Took 4months for a supplier to get stock And I not had chance to try it yet