Hoverboard motor not working with e-bike controller?

Toby B

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Jun 22, 2023
New Zealand
I am using an old hoverboard hub motor with an e-bike controller, the motor has the normal 5 wire hall sensor wires and the three power wires, it also has an extra white wire, I connected everything up and the motor did not spin, I then connected the mysterious white wire to the adaptive learning wire on the bike controller (it allows you to change the direction at which the motor spins) and it spun when I made it change directions, but it only spins when you want to change directions, it doesn't spin normally. I am not sure whether to disconnect the wire at the motor or just buy a new hoverboard wheel.
I hope the forum can help.


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Other than the red and black on the Halls, the three sensor wires and 3 phase wires are NOT color-coded in any standard way. There are some diagrams for doing this in the most efficient way. Do NOT max the throttle during this process, damage can result.