Hi from south Mississippi


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May 24, 2021
Have an Aventon Level on order. Should be here in a couple of weeks. In my late 60s and not a bicyclist. Looking forward to getting some exercise and enjoyment. Glad to have found this forum.
Welcome to the forum, let us know how you go when your new ebike arrives. I'm interested, what got you into ebikes? Did you test ride one before purchasing?
Will do. We bought from BuzzNola, a stick and brick in New Orleans. We are late 60s with chronic orthopedic issues. Our friends in St. Louis bought the Lectric ebikes and love them. So we thought that ebikes would be ideal. Need more exercise. We did test ride a couple and actually ordered Aventon Pace 350s. With accessories unavailable we changed our order to Aventon Levels. More power and come with fenders, rack, bottle holder etc. Should be here in 2 weeks.
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The bikes arrived and tomorrow will be our first ride. Rain has delayed riding for a couple of days.